Project Development – Project Portfolio

Directly or through subsidiaries – Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs), – Greentop is developing since 2009 from greenfield more than 350MW of wind and solar projects. In house know-how complimented by certified specialized and experienced outsourcing, analyses and carries detailed assessments and studies to determine the technical suitability and economic viability of each site and potential project.

In Operation 2.70 8.65 0.00 11.35
Holding Environmental License 122.10 30.00 0.00 152.1
Holding Production License 150.20 0.00 0.00 150.2
Awaiting Production License 18.00 22.00 180.00 220.00
TOTAL (MW) 533.65


Holding the experience and know-how, Greentop can fully support and undertake for third parties the development of any RES project, from greenfield with wind/solar potential assessments, to the issuance of an installation license, including all the intermediate permitting and licensing required by the Hellenic Energy Regulator (RAE).

Third party renewable projects, can be supported in the following fields:

  • Energy consultancy
  • Troubleshooting to determine fault or damage and provide sustainable solution
  • EPC Turnkey solutions for medium to large scale projects
  • Equipment supply for medium to large scale projects from panels, to inverters and other equipment & accessories
  • Operation & Maintenance for medium to large scale projects

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